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    Realization of chemical fiber machinery equipment species diversity

    China Textile Research Institute of chemical fiber production equipment and textile shows in recent years to adapt to the industrial requirements of functional fiber developed a compact, modular PP-CF spinning retractor device. Spinning high precision temperature control of hot stretching rolls, with 1200 long automatic changer, no high-precision folding wire winder, the machine; the device has a compact, modular tower built, and can be any combination greatly expanded range.

                Should the chemical fiber machinery industrial strength polypropylene spun yarn, but also add to hot box specially designed to ensure the quality of the products. In industrial equipment and processes wire has a deep knowledge of Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research Institute AG introduced the latest development of the Nissan 35 tons of solid state polymerization of polyester production line sets a model in this exhibition, the site can intuitively understand the equipment details the case; there are newly developed equipment and other chemical fiber and chemical fiber machinery.

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